See an ENT Doctor in Atlantic City, NJ about a Chronic Cough

If you cough often and cannot get rid of the condition by taking medicines such as cough syrup or by resting, you need to schedule an appointment with an ENT physician to resolve the issue.

Do You Have a Lingering Cough?

While people do not worry about a cough that happens from time to time or a cough that accompanies an illness such as bronchitis or the common cold, coughs that linger cause concerns. If your cough has been bothering you for a month or more, you need to consult with an ENT doctor in Atlantic City, NJ.

Do not delay the appointment because a cough often leads to problems with insomnia, concentration, and tiredness. Physical maladies such as broken ribs, fainting, or urinary incontinence can also develop. A chronic cough usually results from smoking, which is a major cause for the condition.

Is the Cough a Smoker’s Cough?

This type of cough is also known as a smoker’s cough. Chemical irritation from cigarettes is the primary culprit. However, seeing an ENT doctor is imperative as this type of cough can also lead to more serious medical problems such as emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis, or lung cancer.

Why a Chronic Cough May Affect a Non-Smoker

A chronic cough can also affect non-smokers. Usually, the cause is benign. Nevertheless, you still need to schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor to get the problem resolved once and for all. While a number of conditions can produce a lingering cough, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), bronchitis, postnasal drip, or ACE inhibitors (used for the treatment of hypertension) are the main reasons.

If you have a nagging or persistent cough, make an appointment by going online. You can review further details and information on such websites as online. By reviewing the information and making an appointment, you can obtain help in alleviating the condition that is causing your ongoing cough. Therefore, talk to a specialist who takes care of ear, nose, and throat problems. That way, you can find a course of treatment that is both safe and effective.

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