2 Simple Techniques That Work: Using Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Weight Loss

The power of the mind is truly amazing. However, not all the thoughts that we have are positive, helpful and effective in helping us to reach our goals. Self-hypnosis for weight loss can help us get rid of those old, unhelpful and unproductive thoughts about dieting and weight loss and replace them with positive, helpful thoughts that will help us to achieve our health goals.

Those Terrible Cravings

Anyone that has tried to cut a particular unhealthy food or category of food out of their diet has experienced urges or cravings for that food. Part of the reason is that sugars, carbs, fats and salty foods can be addictive, which is something that the fast food industry and food manufacturers have known for years. The more of these foods we eat, the more we crave. Some companies have actually had slogans and brand jingles that emphasize this point.

Typically most people that are eliminating a particular food from their diet can do well for a few days or even a few weeks. Then something happens be it stress at work, a fight with the spouse or kids, not feeling well or a special event such as reaching your goal weight. You may find yourself acting on autopilot and stopping to get a donut, a chocolate bar or eating a bag of chips or a greasy fast food meal. You do this without even thinking; simply acting on habit and cravings or urges. You may also see that you have “earned” the opportunity to treat yourself if you have had a bad day or are celebrating an achievement.

2 Effective Self-Hypnosis For Weight Loss Strategies That Stop Cravings

The first self-hypnosis for weight loss strategy, which is actually a self-suggestion, is to stop and pause between the craving and actually picking up and eating the food. This mental time out gives you a chance to evaluate the urge and replace it with a message that will assist you in staying on your eating plan instead of giving into the urge or craving.

The second self-suggestion is to use self-hypnosis for weight loss to imagine or actually raise the hand you would use to reach out and grab that treat or that food item. You can also imagine your hand is so heavy you cannot lift it if that works for you. At the same time you will give yourself one or more positive statements about how important weight loss or weight management is in your life and what benefits it brings to you.

Using these simple self-suggest or self-hypnosis for weight loss exercises will allow you time to stop that urge or craving from becoming an action. Having a healthy meal plan and eating regularly through the day so you are not hungry will also be helpful in managing those overwhelming urges to nibble we all experience.

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