3 Products a Good Nicotine Supplier Should Provide

Stopping smoking is a difficult thing to do. Many people try several times before they manage to quit. Others keep on trying and never succeed. A lot could depend on how they try to quit and whether they use nicotine replacement products. It is far more difficult to quit without any assistance at all.

There are plenty of tips people can use to assist them in quitting smoking. However, a reliable nicotine supplier will be able to produce various forms of nicotine products that will assist when smokers turn to aids designed to help them quit.

Nicotine Base USP/EP

A nicotine base of high quality is required for use across a range of tobacco substitutes. A good nicotine supplier will be able to provide large quantities of this complex to be used in everything from electronic cigarettes to nicotine gums. This means the end user will be able to choose the most appropriate delivery of nicotine for their requirements. A company providing a solid nicotine base is therefore very important for anyone wishing to develop such products.

Nicotine Polacrilex/Resinate USP/EP

When using patches or gum to assist in stopping smoking, a method of slow release gives the smoker a greater chance of success in steering clear of cigarettes. If an instant nicotine hit is delivered and then disappears, it becomes harder to continue avoiding cigarettes. A nicotine supplier should, therefore, be able to provide this product to make gum and patches more effective.

Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate

Some smokers find the most challenging part of quitting is finding something else to do when they would normally have smoked a cigarette. This is one reason why some smokers prefer nicotine lozenges to other aids. Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate is an essential element of lozenges, providing a soluble form of nicotine release to help it enter the body quickly and effectively.

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