3 Reasons to Get a Tooth Crown

Brushing your teeth isn’t enough. If you’re looking for better ways to improve the appearance of your teeth while protecting them at the same time, then consider going to your dentist in Philadelphia for a tooth crown.

Improves appearance
Crowns help restore the appearance of your teeth. If you have crooked teeth, then covering a tooth that’s unsightly and severely discolored is an option you can go for. Crowns can also cover stained teeth. If the stains on your tooth are due to genetic or internal reasons, then traditional whitening methods may not work. Putting a crown over your teeth is a convenient and common solution.

Protects your teeth
Crowns also protect weakened teeth. If your tooth is cracked or damaged, a crown can hold the parts of your tooth together. It can also cover a tooth with a large filling inside, Medium says. And if you’re only replacing a single tooth, then you’ll want to put in a crown over the implant to make sure it will last you for years.

Follows a root canal
Teeth that have been through a root canal procedure will be weak and brittle after the treatment. That’s why crowns are placed over the teeth to ensure durability and strength. With crowns in place, you can eat whatever you want without worrying that your tooth will end up cracked or damaged. Even when you use biting pressure, you can expect a well-made crown to withstand the force.

Get treatment
When you look for a dentist in Philadelphia for a tooth crown, check for credentials and experience. Once that’s out of the way, though, you’ll want to consider office hours and location. Is the clinic near enough to where you live? If you have to spend more than an hour getting to and from the dental clinic, then you’ll want to look for options closer to home.

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