3 Reasons You Should Consider Drug Testing in Cincinnati OH before Hiring

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Health

If your small business does not have a drug testing policy, consider adopting one. Most drug users do not apply to large corporations because they have established drug testing policies, which make it impossible for drug users to become employed. Instead, drug users will seek employment with smaller companies with fewer resources. If you do not drug test your employees, you and your small business may be at risk for negligence lawsuits from customers and employees. For example, if your employee is high on a substance stumbles and falls, injures an employee in the process, your business could be sued for negligence hiring. It is best that you do not make your company vulnerable. Here are three reasons why you should consider drug testing in Cincinnati OH before testing.


Workplace safety is very important. Employees who may be under the influence put their co-workers at risk. Most organizations drug test regularly because of operating machinery or work vehicles. Random drug testing in Cincinnati OH for employees is important for other employees’ protection.

Public Relations

Some employers implement drug testing to help protect their company’s image. A case of an intoxicated employee possibly injuring another employee on the job may cause damage to the company’s image. Drug testing in Cincinnati OH is important for a company’s performance and professionalism.


Most states have regulations in place for drug testing employees for compensation plans. Employees who agree to drug testing will receive discounts and additional compensation benefits. Aside from an employer’s will to drug test, drug testing for benefits ensures that employees who receive them, deserve them. Employers are also granted group benefit discounts from many health care insurance providers for implementing workplace drug testing. Overall, regular drug testing can help to reduce the expense of benefit programs provided by employers. At least 30 states have laws which prevent employees from receiving unemployment compensation if the employee violates workplace drug policies.

Overall, drug testing is important for a number of legal reasons. Most importantly, it is necessary to ensure other employees’ safety. If drug testing is not implemented into a company’s policy, a company faces possible legal action against them if a customer or employee is injured in some way. Click here for more information on pre-employment drug testing services.

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