3 Things You May Not Know About Home Care Services in Winter Haven FL

If you are considering home care services in Winter Haven FL area for your loved one there are a few things that you may not know that can help you to make the decision. There are a lot of myths that swirl around when it comes to home care services in Winter Haven FL area, dispelling some of those myths can help you to make an informed choice.

The Myths

A lot of people mistakenly believe that home health care is not a flexible service, they think that either you need someone full time or you can’t get help. The truth is that you have many different options to the amount of time and the type of care a provider will come to the home of your loved one to provide care. It is a very flexible option.

Another myth is that home health care providers are not highly trained. The truth is a professional company that is committed to providing excellent care always makes sure that their staff is highly qualified to do the job.

Three Things

There are 3 things that you likely do not know about home health care in Florida that are often misunderstood:

  1. It can be a lot more affordable than a nursing home or assisted living
  2. A combination of insurances can be used for payment
  3. It is highly regulated by the state of Florida

The cost of a nursing home can be about $6000 a month per government statistics and in most cases a nursing home is unnecessary. Health insurance, Medicare, long term care insurance, VA benefits can all be used to cover the costs of in home care services. In home care services are regulated by the state. The care agency must follow strict guidelines for care.

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