4 Ways to Reduce Stress During Pregnancy

There is no shortage of reasons why pregnancy can result in anxiety for future parents. Pain during labor, the prospect of raising a child and massively changing one’s lifestyle, fear of complications, and a lack of confidence in one’s ability to be a good parent are only a few concerns that may be present during pregnancy.

However, there are ways to lessen this anxiety, so don’t lose hope!

1. The American Pregnancy Association suggests that you take pregnancy classes to educate yourself about the process of childbirth and labor. By gathering information and meeting others with the same concerns as you, attending these classes can play a huge role in reducing your anxiety.

2. Depending on where you plan to give birth, inquire about the facilities and practices. Some birthing facilities may even allow you on an educational tour so that you can see the staff in action and learn about specifics of the location’s birthing procedures. Knowing better what to expect when the time can be a massive relief.

3. Find a release from anxiety by writing about it in a journal, partaking in safe and healthy exercises, or adopting new meditation and breathing techniques. The American Institute of Stress suggests 20-30 minutes of daily abdominal breathing to increase the amount of oxygen to your brain and promote a calmer state.

4. It is entirely natural to have anxiety about the pain you will experience during labor. However, pregnancy classes often cover a variety of ways to minimize discomfort during labor so that you will be well prepared.

Most importantly, do not let your anxiety overshadow the exhilarating joy that comes with pregnancy and giving birth. These nine months will be unlike any other time of your life, truly intimate experience for you and your future baby. Instead, allow pregnancy classes and coping techniques to improve your experience.

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