Abortion Clinics In Chicago: How to Support a Friend Getting an Abortion

by | May 19, 2014 | Health

Chances are pretty good there will come a time in your life when you will know someone who has had an abortion. The real question you need to ask yourself is: what would you do if a friend told you they were having an abortion? What would you say to them?

It Is Their Life, Not Yours

Do you and your friend agree on every single detail? Chances are pretty good you have things you love and hate and so does she. Whether or not you believe in getting an abortion is irrelevant. Making the decision to go to one of the Abortion Clinics in Chicago is never an easy one. Your friend does not need you to give them a hard time; they need your support.

They Are Not Asking Your Permission

You need to keep in mind that when a friend tells you they are going to one of the Abortion Clinics in Chicago, it is not because they are looking for your permission. They are looking for you to be supportive and understanding. Even if every bone in your body disagrees with abortion, that person is still your friend. For one reason or another, they decided that it was not the right time for them to have a child. They also decided that they could not bring a child into this world for someone else to adopt. They are going through enough of an emotional battle without you making them feel worse.

Do Not Try To Talk Them Out Of It

You can always ask your friend why they decided to go to an abortion clinic such as the Women’s Center. However, you should never try to change their mind. They need to hear you tell them that you are there for them no matter what they decide to do. Tell them that you love them and you know that they are doing what they think is best.

Most of the time a person reaches out to a friend or family member just because they need to tell someone. They want someone other than just them to feel what they are going through. Your friend knows what is best for them; they just need you to listen. Follow us on Twitter for more updates.



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