Acquiring Treatment Based On Insurance Laws Identified As No Fault in Honolulu

In Hawaii, auto accidents could produce a wide range of injuries. Among the most common are bone and joint injuries. Laws which indicate No Fault in Honolulu requires all drivers to maintain adequate personal injury coverage to pay for medical expenses. This includes orthopedic services such as surgery, physical therapy, and holistic practices to manage pain.

Diagnosing an Accident Injury

What patients fail to realize is that the location of their pain isn’t always its source. The skeletal system possesses connecting nerves, which could cause pulsating pain to travel from its origin. For example, accident victims are likely to suffer from headaches after sustaining the whiplash. While this condition affects the neck primarily, it causes trauma around the connecting tissue and nerves.

When diagnosing patients, the doctor must assess these connections to determine the underlying source of the pain. This begins with a physical examination of the affected area. Doctors turn next to EMG, MRI, x-rays, and blood tests for further analysis. In severe cases, a complete CAT scan is performed. This helps the doctor to determine if a wider connection between the source and additional systems has occurred.

Finding the Right Treatment

After the source of pain is identified, the doctor creates a care plan. The plan includes pain management, recovery, and physical therapy. The goal of a holistic approach is to avoid surgery if possible. To achieve this objective, the doctor utilizes acupuncture, massage therapy, and medications to treat these auto accident injuries more proactively.

When Surgery is Unavoidable

Patients who undergo surgery after the auto accident injuries could benefit from orthopedic rehabilitation. The services are used to restore function to the affected area and improve range of motion. This is effective for patients who undergo joint-related surgeries.

With laws leaning toward an approach of No Fault in Honolulu, patients must review treatment opportunities more thoroughly. This could indicate ruling out surgery and invasive procedures, when plausible. Personal injury coverage in Hawaii provides funds to cover all treatments required to help the patient recover fully. Hawaii residents who sustained injuries during an automobile accident should Visit Portner Orthopedic for a clear solution.


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