Active Adult Communities in New Jersey Provide Excellent Homes for Seniors

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Health

7522158_lWhen a senior citizen moves into an assisted living community, she likely still wants to participate in activities she enjoys and to spend plenty of time with the people she cares about. Assisted living residential settings often function as active adult communities in New Jersey. The individual needs some degree of assistance but otherwise lives independently within the community. The individual can make meals in her kitchenette and eat in her apartment, or she can choose to have some of her meals in a restaurant-style area with friends. She can sign up for housekeeping assistance and laundry service if she prefers. In a setting such as Seacrest Village, the senior citizen resides in a cozy and comfortable private apartment where she can even bring her pet to live with her. The community managers know that for many seniors, having a pet is important for their sense of well-being. If this individual already has a cat or a small dog when she begins looking for an adult community to move to, a place that does not allow pets will not be on her radar.

Active adult communities in New Jersey provide many opportunities for socializing, fulfilling activities and life enrichment. A person who likes to be outdoors can take walks on the landscaped grounds or travel the pathways with a wheelchair. Educational and recreational programs are offered, as are religious services. A resident might want to learn how to do yoga or Tai Chi, or she might want to join a book club or meet up with other residents who are interested in crocheting, knitting or watercolor painting. Community staff members organize social events, book guest speakers and arrange trips to places such as museums and art galleries. Sometimes a senior citizen who had been living alone for some time may have been feeling lonely and isolated; she is likely to find wonderful new opportunities in an active adult community for making friends and participating in interesting and fun activities. Even when someone needs to move to assisted living because of a chronic health condition or some level of disability, she still wants to have a fun, rewarding and fulfilling life. Visit us website for more information.

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