Advice on How to Get Ready for a Couple Massage

There are plenty of benefits to getting a massage as a couple. Unwinding together after a long day helps you both calm down. If you and your partner are stressed out and tired, a session improves your moods, creates the right atmosphere so you can both be affectionate, and gives you much-needed quality time together. Here are top tips to help you make the most out of the experience.

Eat Lightly

You’re going to be spending most of your time horizontal, so it’s best that you and your partner eat only a light meal or snack. Better yet, you could both eat after the massage. If you’re too full during the treatment, that’s going to be uncomfortable for you.

Arrive Early

Don’t be late. If the clinic is fully booked, they might not allow you to extend your session, so you’ll end up not fully enjoying the whole hour or package you paid for. Get there early instead. Choose a trusted clinic for your couple massage spa in Mt Prospect, IL.

Book Ahead

Prepare for that couple session. Call ahead. Your time together is precious. Don’t spend it waiting for a slot. Book early, so you and your partner can go straight to a session as soon as you arrive.

Say What You Want

Be clear about the kind of pressure you prefer. You and your partner should let the therapist know if the pressure is too hard or not enough. That way, the therapist can adjust. You’ll enjoy the session better if you aren’t gritting your teeth from the pain, so if it hurts, say something.

Relax During the Massage

A lot of people think that once the massage starts, that’s only when they can relax. But relaxation is a state of mind. Meaning, you can start relaxing as soon as you get to the spa. Take deep breaths. Start to release any tension, negativity, and frustration from your day. By the time the massage starts, you should be ready to relax.

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