Alleviate Hand Pain with Proper Pain Management

Pain within the hand and wrist is commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition itself is caused by a painful compression of nerves within the wrist that actively interferes with the ability to use the hand and wrist. It is a progressive condition that will only worsen if it goes untreated. Without realizing it, carpal tunnel can affect many areas of your life and make it difficult to take care of yourself. It is important that you seek treatment so that your movements and your life do not suffer from debilitation.

What Exactly Is Carpal Tunnel?
The term carpal tunnel is actually used quite often today. However, do you understand what it actually is? The name carpal tunnel comes from the passageway in a wrist that is formed by the carpal ligament as well as the bones of the hand. The passageway has the job of protecting your hand’s main nerve, known as the median nerve. The branches of your median nerve traverse to all of your fingers. The carpal tunnel itself is also home to the tendons that allow you to bend your fingers. Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when your median nerve is compressed inside the carpal tunnel. The compression itself can because by many different structures surrounding the nerve, including soft tissue and bones. A lot of times carpal tunnel cannot be identified with just a single cause.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel
There could be many different causes for carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition itself could be caused by dislocation or fracture of the wrist. It could also be triggered by different types of conditions that cause your body to retain fluid, including pregnancy. It is also commonly thought that repetitive motions of the fingers and hand, such as keyboard use, are a probable cause.

If you are suffering from symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, consult a pain physician today to get the relief you need.

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