An Animal Hospital in Roswell that Tailors to the Unique Needs of Exotic Pets

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Animal Hospitals

Pets are regarded as loved family members. Their health and happiness is of great importance. Exotic pets, discretely avian, become very attached to their primary owners. Parrots and other species have long life spans for an enduring companionship with their owners. If a pet with which a long-standing relationship has been established is lost or stolen, it can be devastating. Microchip monitoring for exotic pets are safe radio-frequency identification devices that locate lost and stolen pets. Now the companions of pets can be assured to find their friends if they stray away from home or get stolen. The tiny chip is placed in between the nape of the neck and shoulder blades for most animal species. The pet feels no more discomfort than experienced with a vaccination. In addition, microchips carry information about the pet, such as immunization records and special needs.

Domesticated birds need special care that is unique to their species. If they get hurt, their companions should be in connection with an Animal Hospital in Roswell specializing in care for exotic pets. Every species of exotic animal is different. It’s best to choose a clinic with veterinarians and staff experienced in treating the special specific pet. Exotic pet education is of utmost importance in home health care. Birds and other exotic pets need to live in a certain habitat, eat certain foods, and be cared for in ways that is conducive to health. If an owner is not informed, a pet might unknowingly be in danger by the care that is perilous to health. It can be hard to tell what is hazardous to an exotic pets health because some forms of care may seem to be helpful, but not for medical reasons. The best way to protect the health of a pet is to be sure all pet care information is disclosed before adopting.

Birds are a favorite among exotic pet types. Avian pet care must be tailored to general avian care guidelines and the particular species. Nail, wing and beak maintenance is a grooming requirement for all kinds of birds. Most birds are not comfortable with trimming if it’s done without the right skills. Some bird pet owners are afraid they’ll hurt them too. Veterinarians and their assistants at an exotic Animal Hospital in Roswell render services for regular nail, wing and beak trimming without upsetting the bird. To learn more about veterinarian care for exotic pets, visit

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