Benefits of Receiving Cook County Ultrasounds

by | Oct 28, 2013 | Health

Any woman in Cook county who discovers she is pregnant will need to have an ultrasound to determine if the baby is healthy. Every woman receives at least one, if not more, ultrasounds throughout her pregnancy. There are many benefits to receiving Cook County Ultrasounds.

Can Find Out How Far Along the Pregnancy IsThe only true way to determine how far along the pregnancy is would be to have an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician will apply some cooling gel to the stomach and use the probe to get a picture. The picture of the baby will then come up on the monitor. By looking at the baby, the technician will be able to see just how big he or she is, which helps to calculate how far along in the pregnancy the woman is.

The Ultrasound is FreeOne of the biggest benefits of getting an ultrasound in Cook county is that it is free. The technician will perform every first ultrasound at no charge. This is simply so the woman can see how far along she is, and whether or not the baby is healthy. If she is still in the beginning of the pregnancy, such as the first trimester, then she still has all options available to her, including continuing with the pregnancy, ending it, or adoption.

Can Hear the Baby’s HeartbeatMost ultrasounds will allow the woman to hear the heartbeat of the baby. This will help determine whether the pregnancy has stuck or if she has miscarried. If no heartbeat is detected, it means a miscarriage occurred. If there is a heartbeat, however, it means the baby is healthy and doing well. The beats per minute can also help doctors to estimate whether the baby is a boy or girl. It is not a proven method, but is still something women often enjoy to hear and see whether their doctor was right.

Cook County Ultrasounds provide many benefits to those women that receive them. Not only can they hear their baby’s heartbeat, but they can determine how far along in the pregnancy they are. The first ultrasound is also free, so they do not have to worry about the cost. Any woman who believes she may be pregnant should schedule an ultrasound right away to be absolutely sure.



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