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by | Mar 20, 2013 | Dental Health

Most people don’t realize the negative effects missing teeth can have on their appearance and health, until they experience them. Losing a tooth or two is one of the natural consequences of growing old. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is accelerated by consuming huge quantities of tasty but unhealthy fast foods over a period of time. Teeth are designed to support one another when eating or speaking, and when one or more go missing, there are bound to be unwanted consequences eventually. Ideally, a missing tooth ought to be replaced. This will not only make you look better, but also help preserve your overall health. Find out below why getting dental bridges is the best way to deal with teeth that go missing.

Enhance your appearance and preserve your health

Dental bridges are devices designed to replace missing teeth, making the holes between remaining, natural teeth disappear. Whether you choose to have a permanent or removable bridge, it will not detract from your facial appearance, like having missing teeth would. The latter will cause the jaw to sink, making the cheeks and lips look sunken, as well as adding years to your physical looks.  It might even cause gum disease later on, giving you more trouble than you bargained for.

Even one missing tooth interferes with the ability to chew, or even speak, properly. To most people this is not an immediate problem, though the long term consequences are not so great. Imagine having more than one tooth gone, and your problems become bigger. Poorly chewed food will lead to indigestion problems, for example. Besides, the remaining teeth will not be properly aligned, causing your jaw to go out of alignment as well. This, in turn, will invite unnecessary head- and neck aches. In short, if you have one or more teeth missing, opt to get dental bridges in Westchester NY, or wherever that is close by, to preserve your oral, physical, and emotional health.

Protect healthy teeth

Sometimes dentists have to remove a decaying tooth, which then leaves a gap between the remaining ones. If the gap remains, it might detract from a more pleasing physical appearance, as well as cause problems for the remaining, healthy teeth. The latter are likely to disintegrate slowly over time, reducing their functionality and effectiveness. The gum line around the opening will also worsen, putting more stress on other teeth. Folks that are having decaying or broken teeth removed, and that live in the area, should definitely consider getting dental bridges in Westchester NY or elsewhere, to help preserve healthy teeth, and youthful looks.

The sooner you make an appointment for dental bridge fittings, the better. The procedure – covered by any good dental insurance plan – usually takes at least two appointments from beginning to completion.

If you live in the vicinity, call Hudson Valley Cosmetic Dental at 914-737-0703 for more information today. They have the expertise, years of experience, and up-to-date equipment to fit the best dental bridges in Westchester NY.

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