Buckhead Breast Enlargement Procedure

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Health

Buckhead breast enlargement procedure takes about 1 to 2 hours. The time taken by the procedure depends on the extent of the involved or required work. Currently, patients have different types of incisions from which they can choose.

These include:

*  Under-the-breast incision

Under-the-nipple incision

*  Through-the-armpit incision

*  Through-the-belly button incision

In all cases, every effort is made to ensure that the scar is inconspicuous. The surgeons also do everything possible to ensure that the patient is comfortable before, during and after the surgery. The enlargement process entails lifting the breast tissue so that it can form tear-dropped pocket where the implant rests. The implant is centered symmetrically under the nipples.

To ensure comfort of the patient during the enlargement process, anesthesia is used. During breast surgery, four anesthesia types are used.

These include the following:

*  General anesthesia

Spinal anesthesia

*  Local anesthesia

*  I.V sedation

It is important to ask your surgeon during consultation about the anesthesia that they will use during the procedure. This way, you will know whether your breast enlargement procedure will be painful or not. With a good surgeon, your breast enlargement procedure will be safe, effective and less painful.

Post-operative requirements for Buckhead breast enlargement

A standard post-operative requirement for breast enlargement in Buckhead is that a patient should spend time in the recovery room. This time should be similar to the time spent in anesthesia. Once the patient regains conscious, comfort and show stable vital signs, she is lifted up and offered a drink. After this, the patient is dressed in a sports bra and taken to a bathroom before being allowed to leave.

A good surgeon will give you instructions before discharging you. This entails being given an emergency phone line that you can call 24 hours in case you notice abnormal developments. The breasts are in most cases swollen for a few days after the surgery. Some people feel discomfort and some pain but these are controllable using the prescribed medication during surgery.

Sutures are usually dissolvable and they do not need removal. The ends of the suture may protrude via the skin. You should not try to remove them. Instead, let the ends remain in their place till the next visit to your surgeon.

Generally, breast enlargement process produces the desired results if done properly and the post operative instructions are followed carefully. If you have realistic expectations and ready to have a positive image change, then breast enlargement might be the best option for you.

Buckhead breast enlargement procedure can be simple, safe and effective if done professionally and post-operative instructions are followed carefully.


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