Chiropractors At Back & Neck Care Center Are A First Defence Against Whiplash and Sciatica Pain

There are countless ways to experience pain in the back and neck. Whiplash and sciatica are two of the most common back and neck ailments, but can also be the hardest to describe to family and employers.


Whiplash usually happens as a result of a sports injury or a car collision – even at low speeds. At impact, the head and neck forcefully whip back and forth causing strain to the neck muscles and dislocation of the spinal bones in the neck called the cervical vertebrae. Perhaps the trickiest aspect of whiplash is that the onset of pain can be delayed. Those involved in a car accident often report not experiencing any pain at the scene, but commonly wake the next morning to significant pain and stiffness. Because of the delayed onset, its common for family and co-workers to doubt the legitimacy of a patient’s pain causing the patient even more frustration.

Not Just A Pain In The Neck

Most people don’t realize that whiplash involves many symptoms beyond just neck pain and stiffness. Whiplash can often cause dizziness, vision problems, trouble with concentration, sleep disruption, ringing in ears, and difficulty chewing and swallowing. Often, whiplash coincides with a concussion which should always be taken seriously and treated immediately. To know more Click Here.


Sciatica most often occurs when the material inside a vertebral disc herniates and pinches a nerve causing severe and often debilitating pain that affects the low back and buttocks and shoots down the leg into the foot. Most people compare sciatica pain to an electric shock or to being poked by pins and needles usually on one side. The searing pain and resulting numbness takes the breath away and is very alarming. Sciatica doesn’t usually cause constant pain, but the sharp intermittent pain that intensifies with sudden movements like coughing or standing up from a seated position. People suffering with sciatica seem fine most of the time until they are hit with intense pain that usually prompts a dramatic reaction and inability to move.

Even though those suffering from whiplash and sciatica may seem fine at first glance, it’s important to understand that the underlying symptoms are legitimate and require treatment. Chiropractors at Back & Neck Care Center are an excellent first defence against whiplash and sciatica pain. Click Here to learn more about how a chiropractors provide non-surgical solutions at the Back & Neck Care Center.

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