Choice the Right Dentist Westport for All of Your Dental Needs

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Dental Health

Soliciting the services of a Dentist Westport provides you with a wealth of great services to make your smile its whitest. The services include whitening, repairs, and cosmetic options. It is the goal of your dentist to ensure that you have healthy teeth and gums. He or she educates you in different methods to maintain your overall oral health by brushing and flossing daily. A dentist provides fluoride treatments for children to ensure that their teeth remain cavity free. And they repair broken or damage teeth to restore an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Some services such as veneers are utilized to improve the look of your teeth. These choices are cosmetic dentistry, which is optional yet provides a beautiful smile.

Additional services include orthodontics, which allows the dentist to utilize appliances such as braces to straighten and align teeth. Options for these services include the traditional metal braces and acrylic choices that allow the patient to remove them when eating and brushing teeth. These selections have become popular and do not require cementing them to the teeth and additionally allow the dentist to provide alternative braces at different stages of straightening. The dentist may supply you with retainers to maintain your smile and prevent pushing of teeth when wisdom teeth break through the gum line. The option is also removable and easy to clean.

Dental implants are available through a Dentist Westport which allows a dentist to replace missing or broken teeth to restore a healthy smile. These options require additional visits to install the fixtures into the jaw, but allow the patient to have a healthy smile and restore function of teeth to make it easier to chew foods. Permanent bridges and crowns are also available to replace damaged teeth that were extracted. Dentists usually remove teeth that are not repairable to make room for the new appliance or implants. Teeth that are severely broken or decaying present a potential health risk to the patient and dentists take measures to prevent possible infection. The same is true for wisdom teeth, which may become impacted or break. An infection could lead to introduction into the blood stream and make the patient extremely ill. Dentists typically provide antibiotics when extracting these teeth.


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