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by | Mar 7, 2013 | Health

Conduct disorder is a disorder that normally occurs in youth as well as adolescence that involves chronic and long-term behavioral problems. These behavioral problems can include drug use, criminal activity and defiant or impulsive behavior. Conduct disorder can have a number of different root causes. This disorder is commonly associated with child abuse, poverty, family conflicts, parents with drug or alcohol addictions and genetic defects. Conduct disorder is commonly diagnosed more frequently in boys than in girls.

Conduct disorder is commonly associated with attention deficit disorder, which can carry the risk for alcohol or drug use later in an adolescent’s life. Conduct disorder can also be an early sign of bipolar disorder or depression. Conduct disorder is not a condition that should be messed around with. Conduct disorder treatment in El Paso TX can help youth and adolescents get back on track to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

If you think your child may have this disorder, be on the lookout for the following symptoms: breaking rules, cruelness, aggressive behavior, failure to attend school, drinking, drug use, lying, intentionally setting fires, running away, or vandalizing property. These youth have a difficult time making friends and to not make an effort to hide their aggressive behaviors.

The first time in Conduct Disorder Treatment In El Paso TX is diagnosis. There is no real test or one way to diagnose the condition. A diagnosis is often made based on the child’s history of conduct. Blood tests and physical examination can help rule out other conditions.

Treatment for conduct disorder is often successful if the family of the child is committed to helping the child get better. Parents can learn ways to help better manage their child’s behavioral problems. In the event the disorder stems from a child being abused, the child is often removed from the home.

Treatment for conduct disorder often includes medication and talk therapy – these are also used in children who have signs of attention deficit disorder and depression. Other treatment options include behavior modification schools, boot camps and wilderness programs. These programs offers solutions to a child’s behavioral problems. However, not all mental health professionals are in favor of these types of programs. Research has even indicated that treating the child at home is best. Family involvement can be one of the best ways to get a child on track to better behavior.

Regarding treatment methods and the means of addressing these conduct disorder problems, many turn to a spiritual solution involving a Christian based approach. Those who turn to this way are encouraged to accept Christ Jesus in their hearts as the power source by which these internal issues can be effectively handled. Many treatment centers incorporate some form of faith-based approach which encourages them both children and adults toward this avenue of help.

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