Considering Cataract Surgery in Michigan? Here’s Why it’s Important

by | May 5, 2014 | Eye Care

It’s natural human inclination to avoid surgical procedures at all costs. After all, putting your body into someone else’s hands can be scary to say the least. If there’s a need for cataract surgery in Michigan, however, it’s best not to dodge doctor’s orders.

Understanding Cataracts

A cataract occurs when the eye’s normally clear lens becomes cloudy. This happens quite commonly with age, but can also be associated with conditions such as diabetes. Cataracts sometimes form following eye injuries, as well.

Cataract formation is generally fairly slow, but it will impair and even eliminate vision over time. This is when cataract surgery in Michigan is typically indicated as a way to restore and even improve vision.

What’s Involved in Surgery?

Cataract surgery in Michigan may take place in a surgical center or laser eye institute. Unlike the surgical procedure from the past that was rather involved, this type of surgery today only requires a small amount anesthesia. During the procedure, an eye surgeon will carefully remove the lens of the eye and replace it with a man-made lens. If the person who suffers from cataracts happens to have a vision impairment that requires the use of prescription glasses, a corrective lens might be put in place to fully correct vision.

Why It’s Important to Follow Through?

When cataract surgery is indicated it generally means the cloudy formation has developed to the point serious vision impairment has already occurred or is likely to. Getting the procedure performed just makes sense to not only eliminate the cataract, but also improve vision overall.

The Recovery Process

Cataract surgery in Michigan is a fairly routine, simple procedure that doesn’t take much time to perform. It is, however, more involved than other eye surgical procedures. Since the lens is removed and replaced, recovery can take a little time. It’s not uncommon for people to feel mild irritation after the surgery and to suffer from light sensitivity for a few days. While strenuous activity isn’t recommended immediately following surgery, most people can return to their normal routines in no time at all.

Eye surgery isn’t a prospect most people want to face. When cataracts are involved, however, it just a matter that requires attention.

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