CPR and Defibrillator Training Can Save Lives

We’ve all heard stories on the news about children and adults being saved by complete strangers who were able to perform CPR during a life-threatening incident. The knowledge of CPR and knowing how to use an automated external defibrillator can save the lives of people suffering from a heart attack, a drowning, or a choking scenario. CPR and AED classes in Vancouver WA offer both children and adults the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to save a life. The hands-on training lets you practice the skills learned and troubleshoot areas that you struggle with during the class.

Reduce the Waiting Time In an Emergency

If someone falls victim to a stroke or heart attack, it’s only a matter of minutes before the person may lose consciousness and increase the risk of brain damage or even death. In a worst-case scenario, no one in the immediate area has any type of healthcare training, including CPR training or basic first aid. In this type of situation, it’s a waiting game as people call for emergency help and wait until paramedics arrive. It’s these crucial minutes that can determine the fate of someone’s life. With CPR and AED classes in Vancouver WA, you can get the certification you need to perform immediate life saving techniques.

Imagine being around someone who collapses from chest pain and being able to not only perform CPR but use an AED, if available. Many schools, universities, and even major resorts and vacation spots now have AED machines. While these are generally reserved for emergency personnel, if the situation requires anyone with AED certification to use it, you would be able to possibly save someone’s life.

No Medical Background Necessary

Some people stay away from this type of training because they have the misconception that you need a medical background. You do not need a medical background to take CPR and AED classes in Vancouver WA. These techniques are meant to help keep a person alive while waiting for emergency services, and you don’t need a medical background to perform emergency care. The next time you hear a news story about someone being in critical condition from cardiac arrest or a drowning situation, think about how the outcome may have been different if more people took advantage of CPR and AED training. Visit Responderready.com for more information!

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