Daily Tips to Avoid Muscle Strain

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Healthcare

Muscle strain can lead to the need for West Palm Beach pain management. Everyday we move in hundreds of ways without thought. Paying attention to how you move as well as working to strengthen your muscles can help you avoid muscle strain.

The Importance of Warming Up

Many people do not realize that if they approach exercise and activity incorrectly they can be causing injury to themselves. One of the most important aspects of activity is ensuring you are warming up. Not warming up, especially if you are not active on a regular basis can lead to muscle strain. Warming up is a cue to your body that you are about to get moving. It allows your body to approach activity gradually starting with some gentle stretching that should last for about 20 minutes. You should be working towards full activity and as you warm up, your muscles will increase in temperature, which makes them extensible which is necessary to avoid muscle strain. Warming up is advisable even if you are not exercising or participating in a sport. If you are about to undergo any rigorous activity such as vacuuming or raking and garden work you really should do some stretching to prepare your muscles for unexpected movement and activity.

Strength Training

Strength training does not necessarily mean lifting massive weights in a gym with a personal trainer. It is important to maintain muscle strength, as it will assist in protecting your muscles from injury. Strength training is not as hard as it looks and provides huge benefits by improving flexibility by reducing tightness in your muscles. What is wrong with tight muscles? They tend to be prone to injury. Muscles require strength and flexibility to make you agile and keep you coordinated and well balanced when you move. Lifting weights of any size will help you improve your muscle strength.

More Carbs during Activity

The more active you are the more carbs you require. Carbs help supply energy to your muscles, which in turn allow your muscles to perform properly. This is very important for athletes who often use sports drinks for both energy and hydration. The right amount of energy and hydration will help you avoid muscle strain.

Being aware of your movements will help you avoid the need for West Palm Beach pain management.

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