Detox is the First Step to Oxycodone Recovery

by | Mar 12, 2012 | Medicine

Oxycodone detox centers provide individuals with the tools to stop the use of oxycodone-based drugs and keep themselves clean for long after the detox program has ended. Detoxification is the first step in the oxycodone rehabilitation process, and it helps the individual overcome the severe addiction he or she has to the drug and allows his or her health to stabilize. Only after the patient is in a stable physical condition can he or she embark on the next steps towards health.

Detoxification is so important for those undergoing oxycodone detox that most residential treatment programs will not allow the patient to begin counseling or aftercare programs to address the psychological influence the drug has on the individual. Detox varies per individual, lasting anywhere from several days to several weeks. Individuals undergoing oxycodone detox generally experience a large array of withdrawal symptoms, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, mood swings, cravings, chills and fever, twitching, itching, general discomfort, irritability, and insomnia. It may take some time for the body to adjust to a lack of opiate drugs in its system.

Once the oxycodone detox is complete, the patient will begin counseling. Some argue that the psychological addiction to oxycodone is even worse than the physical addiction. This addiction is addressed through several forms of counseling, including individual, group therapy, and family therapy. Over time, the psychological work the individual puts into the program will help him or her learn to live without oxycodone in his system. The treatment programs will provide tools to help him or her cope with stress and deal with temptation without such pressures leading to substance abuse

Counseling in conjunction with the initial oxycodone detox process will help the patient develop a new perspective on his or her addiction. When he or she learns why the addiction began in the first place, he can also identify and develop alternatives to coping with the triggers that helped fuel the addiction. Not only will the patient gain a new perspective on his or her addiction, but he will also have a new lease on life and how he or she interacts with others. Counseling and detoxification offered by a drug rehabilitation center will give the patient tools which will provide him or her with the best chance possible to lead a healthy, happy, sober life as a productive member of society.

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