Discount Baby Formulas – Are They as Good as Name Brands?

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Health

With the average baby consuming 28 ounces of formula a day, it can cost up to $1,500 a year to buy formula for your baby. But with many moms turning to generic and store brand formulas, the question remains, do they provide the same nutritional benefits for your baby?

FDA Approved

All infant formulas are FDA approved, even Discount organic Baby Formula! What does this mean? The average store brand formula has to undergo the same rigorous nutrition and safety tests as the leading brands on the market; many discount formulas contain the exact same ingredients as more well-known brands. The Infant Formula Act means that all cans (and bottles) of baby formula must be manufactured to a certain standard, so whether you buy store brand or leading manufacturers formula, the contents are nutritionally the same.

Why the Price Difference?

Store brand formulas don’t have the huge marketing campaign that leading brands often attach to their products. Advertising and packaging the formula costs less, so these savings can be passed on to the consumer. There is no such thing as ‘best’ when it comes to formula – there’s usually no difference at all between store brand and leading manufacturers formula, it’s simply the way the product is marketed and packaged that affects the price. Many leading manufacturers also provide free baby formula samples to hospitals, which bumps up the cost of their formula when it hits our shelves. Would you rather pay more for the same formula in fancy packaging, that’s plastered on billboards across town, or pay less but spend the savings on other treats for the family?

Taste and Texture

It’s true that there may be a slight difference in the taste or texture of Discount Baby Formula compared to big-label brands, but then, there is a difference across various brands of formula anyway – it’s a case of trying to see what your baby likes! A side-by-side comparison of the formula labels will quickly show you how they differ (if at all) in ingredients and composition, and you can try each out on your baby to see which suits them best.

Guilty Moms

Many moms feel guilty about ‘cutting corners’ when it comes to choices concerning the nutrition of their baby. By purchasing Discount Baby Formula, they feel like they are somehow not giving their baby the best they can afford. But why the guilty feeling? Everyone likes to feel that they are doing the best they can for their child, and many of us believe that money should be no object when it comes to shopping for your baby. But in today’s struggling economy, saving money is important – after all, that money could be put to better use in your child’s college fund!  Spending extra money on leading brand formula just to save face and stop feeling guilty is a big mistake; think of the other things you could buy for your baby and the whole family.


There’s no need to waste cash buying brand name baby formula, when you can save money and still ensure your baby is receiving all the nutrition he or she needs from a store brand formula.

Store Brand Formulas are part of PBM Products, who joined forces with the Perrigo Company in 2010. PBM rebranded as Perrigo Nutritionals and is now one of the leading manufacturers of store brand infant formula in the world, producing 50 formulas and supplying 47 retailers worldwide. Perrigo Nutritionals prides itself on its dedication to developing new, innovative products and Discount Baby Formula that will support infant nutritional needs and appeal to parents worldwide.

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