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When people experience toothache they think they are having pain because of cavity. But, there are many other reasons for dental issues. In fact, there are so many that you can’t even make a list of all those things here. There is one common theme for many toothaches and that can be treated by an emergency dentist. As you contact your Emergency Dentist Arlington, they will share the most common reasons for the discomfort such as an ear infection, sinus problems, cavities and an exposed nerve. All the causes of a tooth ache bring the same type of pain that makes figuring out what is causing the pain more difficult.

Before we get into details of every potential cause, it is essential to understand as much as possible about a tooth and what it includes. Our teeth are full of nerves and there is plenty of blood supply. Below the crown enamel that we brush, there is a mineral known as dentin. Dentin comprises of many pores that work together with the nerves of our teeth. As the roots of our teeth don’t have an outer coating of enamel, sensitivity and toothaches occur easily.

An exposed nerve is the first culprit of a tooth ache. This may occur if you over brush your teeth, chipping a tooth or losing a filling. When you drink hot or cold liquids and when you breathe in air, you will have an irritating sensation. This occurs when interior nerve linings come in contact with things it was not made to be revealed to. Normally, you will experience a sharp pain that chimes below your tooth.

There is a belief that sinus problems don’t cause tooth ache. An emergency dentist in Pomona explains that since the sinuses are near the roots of teeth, they add pressure and pain to the teeth. If you feel that your nose is stuffy or sinus are irritated or infection, it may be causing pain in your teeth. Some people come to know about their sinus problems when they visit their emergency dentist in Pomona with enormous pain in tooth.

Normally, a whopping toothache may be cause of an infection in the root of tooth, fractured coating or a cavity. When you have cavity the bacteria enters your teeth through the enamel and they start to rot inside the tooth. This makes holes in the tooth and nerves get exposed in the tooth. In some cases the pain may spread to the root and needs immediate attention or treatment. If you have recessed gums, you will need a binding to prohibit the roots of your teeth from getting damaged or exposed further.

Visiting a dentist on regular basis can save you on the long run. Whether you have any dental issues or not, but consulting with a dentist can be a good thing you can do for your teeth.

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