Everything You May Need to Know About Your Eye Doctor

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Medical Equipment

The mantra for taking care of the gift of vision is, more often than not, taken for granted. And then the problem of floating little things or other uncomfortable vision imperfections arise. Usually, a person should see or consult an eye doctor in Newton MA annually, or every two years. But with your steady career and demanding family life, you may tend to abandon all cause and just seek help from the optical experts only when you perceive or feel that there are problems regarding your vision. Remember that the human body is very particular with pain, and it’s always associated with damage to a body part, so the feeling of soreness or pain in the eye may send someone in a fit of panic.

Everywhere, there are medical specialists who are experts in the optical industry, but they can pose a very confusing appeal especially for people who seek for their help and consultation. You may want to consult an eye doctor in Newton MA. There are three main specialists, and they include the optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists. Read on and learn more about each of them.

First of all, there’s the optician, who, basically is not a doctor. But they have a very important part in caring for your eyes’ welfare. They construct, take measurements, and they make your eyeglasses. Usually, they will take what’s prescribed by your eye doctor and aside from making eyeglasses, they also specialize in manufacturing custom-made contact lenses.

Of course there’s the optometrist. They are one of the two main eye doctors, and these specialists will be the one who will conduct diagnostic exams and other related tests to determine what type of treatment you will need. They will also be the one who will prescribe you with the right pair of glasses and other focal aids for your safety, comfort, and convenience.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the ophthalmologist who is a medical doctor as well. They are the experts when it comes to vision care. When you’re looking for someone to consult with especially when you have to deal with serious discomforts, illnesses, or eye surgery interventions, then they’re the right guys to count on. These physicians conduct a general vision examination, and they will also give you a prescription of medications and special instructions for vision care. If you are in need of vision aids, then they will make referrals to optometrists for follow-up intervention and treatment. In order to understand better the roles and functions of the two medical professionals, here goes — consider them as dentists — the optometrist specializes in providing you with the tools to restore, or correct your normal 20/20 by making specifications for glasses or contact lenses, whereas the ophthalmologist is someone who is specialized in eye medicine and surgery.

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