Faster Diagnosis and Recovery with Medical Imaging in St. Paul, MN

by | Nov 21, 2013 | Health

An MRI machine has become an invaluable source for detecting many issues. It can see within the body to identify various problems. It is done by using a strong magnetic field to cause protons in the body to align themselves. This allows them to absorb radio waves that are being sent by the machine. This causes them to become excited and release energy. This energy released is received as signals by the coils in the MRI machine. These signals are then processed by a computer and turned into an image. This standard medical imaging in St. Paul MN can give a doctor a three dimensional look at the inside of the human body. This can allow for diagnosis of problems without exploratory surgery.

This is a very beneficial and non-invasive method for identifying many issues of the body. It has become an invaluable tool for many medical facilities. The advent of stand up and open MRI machines have improved this imaging. It enables a doctor to get a better view of a particular area of interest. By positioning the patient in different ways, certain areas of the body can be focused on. This allows the machine to get a more precise picture of the problem area. By positioning a patient in a way that causes the pain of concern, it can give an image that shows exactly why the pain is occurring. This can be a great method for quicker diagnosis of many problems. With a quicker diagnosis, treatment and relief are easier to accomplish.

When deciding on a hospital or medical facility, one should choose a center that offers the best care available. Since Medical imaging in St. Paul, MN is very helpful in diagnosis, most medical facilities use MRI machines. However, not all are stand up or open machines. This can limit the type of care a person receives at these facilities. A medical center, such as Suma-MRI, can offer a variety of MRI machines for patients. These facilities have in use the different types of machines to help identify many different problems. Stand up and Open MRI machines can give a doctor the ability to focus on the precise area of concern. This can help aid in a quicker diagnosis and faster treatment of the problem. This can put the patient on a faster path to recovery.


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