Frequently Asked Questions about a Chiropractic Adjustment Sioux Falls SD

by | Nov 8, 2013 | Chiropractic

Many people ask whether chiropractic adjustments are safe because they worry about someone handling their spine. The American Chiropractic Association, or ACA, maintains that chiropractic adjustments are safe, and patients should never fear these professionals. Chiropractic treatments are perfect for those who want to steer clear of taking medicines and, in some cases, surgery. Of course, there are situations where a chiropractor may determine that this kind of therapy may not be appropriate. Overall, experts say that getting a Chiropractic Adjustment Sioux Falls SD is much safer than taking medications.

Here are some questions you should ask when seeing your chiropractor:

How many adjustments will I need?

The number of adjustments varies with each patient and, in fact, the most difficult cases can take months or years to heal completely. After one or two weeks, many patients begin to feel better. The time between visits lengthens as your spine is stabilized.

Can I adjust myself?

No. While they are very safe methods of self-adjustment, a Chiropractic Adjustment Sioux Falls SD should be performed by a specialist. You can cause damage when moving joints and muscles around, especially if they have weakened ligaments.

Can the bones move too much with an adjustment?

Negative, because chiropractic adjustments use an adequate amount of energy, and they must do so in the right place with the right angle and at the perfect time. The idea is to regain joint motion and reduce nerve disturbance. It takes years of training, practice and experience, and that means leaving your Chiropractic Adjustment Sioux Falls SD to a professional.

What about patients with osteoporosis?

These patients should be the first in line to seek chiropractic help because their bones are often very fragile and sensitive. The chiropractor will take into consideration the unique circumstances of each patient setting up a treatment plan.

There are many ways to adjust the spine and each method will best suit your age, size or physical condition. If you are looking for a Chiropractic Adjustment Sioux Falls SD, do not hesitate until the problem gets out of control. Experts say that this only exacerbates the issue. Contact your local Sioux Falls chiropractor and set up an appointment today.

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