Get Ear Infections Treated By An Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor

by | Jan 27, 2015 | Health

Are you or someone in your family prone to severe ear infections? These types of infections can be annoying, painful, and dangerous to your hearing. They should never be treated lightly, so it is important to have them checked by the right type of doctor should they continue. This type of doctor is highly trained in what causes infections, how to treat them, and also how to keep them from continuously coming back. The type of specialist you will want to make an appointment with is an Ear Nose And Throat Doctor.

While ear infections can be either bacterial or viral, there can be many different causes and they should not be taken lightly. The causes behind them can be due to allergies, smoking, adenoids, or even sinus infections. If you are suffering from pain in one or both of your ears, pressure buildup, drainage, or hearing loss, you should get it looked at immediately. If left untreated it can lead to permanent hearing loss. During the examination, the doctor will use a specially designed scope with a light and magnifying lens to see if there is any redness, drainage, bulging of the ear drum or even, in some cases, a collapsed ear drum.

It is important to have any infection in the ear treated to ensure it does not spread further. While most ear infections can be treated with things as simple as warm compresses and over the counter medications for pain and congestion, some may need a more drastic treatment. These types of treatments may include antibiotics, draining of the ear, or even surgery.

You should always have ear infections checked because a severe case, if left untreated, can cause permanent hearing loss, meningitis, or other infections. In small children, severe ear infections can also lead to hearing loss or delay in speech development. The most important thing is to have any recurring ear infections treated immediately by an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor to ensure the correct diagnoses and treatment are given. You only have one set of eardrums, and once damaged it can become irreversible, with permanent hearing loss in patients no matter what their age.

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