Getting A Pasadena Plastic Surgeon

It is time for your inner beauty to shine outward and the easiest way to accomplish this is to select the best Pasadena Plastic Surgeon. Pasadena is an area where plastic surgery is in demand right now. This is the perfect time to see what is available.

What to expect

Plastic surgery is an elective procedure, but most patients are still somewhat nervous. The Pasadena plastic surgeons know this and have had their offices designed to help create a relaxing atmosphere. This is a field of medicine where the patient is pampered and their needs come first.

Each Surgeon has a Specialty

During a consultation with the plastic surgeon, their specialty will be pointed out or can be observed by what is being presented as past results. The plastic surgeon is a real doctor with a medical degree, but their specific field is more like an art form.

Questions to ask the Plastic Surgeon during the Consultation

  • Ask how many times they have performed the type of plastic surgery you desire.
  • How many years have they be practicing their art with the scalpel or laser?
  • Which board certification do they have and is it active?

Questions to look up

  • Does the surgeon or their clinic have any lawsuits pending or judgments against them in the past?
  • The surgeon’s reputation with the public can be found in forums for honest opinions from past patients.

Accreditations and what the letters mean with links

These are professional societies plastic surgeons can join if qualified.

    • American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities.
    • Considered the Gold Standard and has the highest safety standards where the patient’s safety is a first priority.
  • ASPS
    • American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
    • Largest society in the world for plastic surgeons.
  • ABPS
    • American Board of Physician Specialists.
    • Third largest physician specialist’s society in the United States.
    • The specialties include more than just plastic surgeons.
    • American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
    • The World leading professional organization of board-certified plastic surgeons.
  • FACS
    • Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.
    • Considered by many as one of the most stringent titles for a doctor to earn after years of training and practice in the field.
  • SCPS
    • School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
    • Is specific to a university and continuing education.
  • ABMS
    • American Board of Medical Specialists
    • A Goal is to improve the quality of health care by setting professional standards.

The Difference between being Licensed to Practice Medicine and being Board Certified


After medical school, each doctor must go through residency then they pass a test and will receive a license to practice medicine from the state in which they will practice their profession. This is the minimal level of requirements to be a practicing physician.

Board Certified

This level of achievement is beyond the minimal standards. There are 24 different medical boards that a physician can be certified by. Each one has its own process for becoming board certified, but they all include additional studies, education, and peer review.

Selecting the right plastic surgeon to enhance your appearance is vital for the desired results to be obtained. The OCSPS or Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons is where 66 of these professionals in your area that practice this medical art can be found. This society’s member page is located here where you will find each doctor’s certifications, memberships and for many their websites so a consultation can be arranged.

Look the absolutely best you can with the best Pasadena Plastic Surgeon helping you to bring out your beauty. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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