Getting Someone To Call Suicide Prevention Programs In Salt Lake City, Utah

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Health

If you know someone that you are concerned is thinking about suicide getting them to call suicide prevention programs in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the most important things that you can do. This is not always an easy subject to bring up but we know too many people that see us because they didn’t realize the seriousness of the issue until there is suicide attempt or even a completion.

The biggest problem is that many people have a lot of misunderstandings about the risk of suicide and the warning signs to watch for. By taking some time to learn these signs we know that you will be better prepared to talk to the individual with insight, compassion and genuine concern which may be just the support that they need to make the call.

Warning Signs of Suicide
All of the suicide prevention programs in Salt Lake City, Utah have a website that will provide you with warning signs for suicide. These are well written and very helpful but for your general reference we provide the following signs to watch for:

*Talking about harming or killing themselves
*Focus on death or dying
*Engaging in high risk behaviors or dangerous behaviors without concern
*Excessive use of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal)
*History or suicide attempts or suicide in the family or in the group of close friends
*Dramatic mood swings, changes in behavior
*Saying goodbyes, giving away favorite items, preparing for death

What to Do
Talk to the person in a compassionate way and express your concerns in a non-judgmental or blaming way. Offer your support and let them know that they are not alone then don’t leave them alone but offer to phone or contact the suicide prevention programs in Salt Lake City, Utah with them to talk out their problems.

If you are extremely concerned or the individual has stated they have a plan, a time and is stating that he or she will commit suicide call for help including any mental health facility.

Our staff is trained and able to assist with these calls and work with the individual to get them to come in or be transported into our facility where we provide them with the help and support they need.

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