Getting the Most Out of an In-Patient Rehabilitation Facility in Lubbock, TX

by | May 20, 2013 | Healthcare

Knee or hip replacement surgery is just the first step for many people to recover full mobility in their joints and body. Often people wait several years before they agree to have surgery. During that time, their activity level decreases because of the pain they’re feeling. That decreased activity results in a body that is weaker everywhere. Once the surgery is complete they face a lengthy rehabilitation process. It is often more efficient to have the person gain their strength back at an In-Patient Rehabilitation Lubbock TX facility. Every day they have a caring staff that helps them efficiently focus on gaining back their energy and strength.

It’s accepted practice that a person’s mind and body work together to create their health. In-Patient Rehabilitation Lubbock facilities know that a stressed-out person is likely to recover more slowly and have more complications. One of the first people a patient meets at a caring facility is a social worker. They will listen to all of the concerns the patient has about health, social, and financial matters. Then they’ll contact the right agencies and care givers to reduce the stress as much as possible. Sometimes just voicing concerns and knowing that everything possible is being done, reduces a person’s anxiety level.

It can be difficult sharing space with a stranger. Many people prefer a single room for peace and privacy. If this is an issue for the patient, they should make sure that they determine the availability of a single room at the facility. They should also ask the insurance company if they will cover it. More insurance companies understand the importance of a quiet room. They also acknowledge that the infection rate is lower when patients don’t share rooms.

Physical therapists join with occupational therapists to get the patient up and moving again. The gym or rehabilitation room might be the most important area in the In-Patient Rehabilitation Lubbock TX facility. It’s a great place to strengthen and stretch all the parts of a body. Once that has been accomplished the staff might move the person to an outdoor area, where the patient can get used to walking on grass, sidewalks and outdoor steps. It can also brighten a person’s day to spend some of the time outside.

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