How Advanced Technology Can Be Used to Keep Calif. Scrub Techs Safe

Surgical technicians and surgical technologists are often referred to as scrub techs. They perform live-saving work in the operating room of hospitals, ambulances, and outpatient facilities. They prepare tools, sterilize equipment, and clean the area after the procedure is done. While their job can present certain workplace hazards to their safety, using advanced technology can keep them safe.

Potential Workplace Hazards for Safety Techs

One of the biggest threats to scrub tech safety involves handing over the materials needed to perform surgery. These tools may include drivers for needles, sutures, scissors, and clamps. Any of these can injure the scrub tech and cause bleeding. Sharps injuries from these types of tools can result in infection and contamination of pathogens between patient and scrub tech.

Needle Barriers

Needle barriers help to ensure that sharps injuries from needles do not create a hazard to scrubs tech safety. Needle barriers work by being mounted on an arm. They are resistant to puncture and provide quick and efficient surgeon access to any tools that involve sharp ends. This eliminates the scrub tech’s need to hand over the tools personally and reduces the probability of a scrub tech getting stuck.

Needle Traps

Needle traps allow surgeons to handle the dispensing of needles and other sharp tools. Scrub techs can focus on the safety and disinfection needs of the operating room instead of spending their time handing tools to the surgeon.

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