How Can Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charleston, SC Help Combat Aging?

As both men and women age, their bodies begin to function differently. Around the age of 35, hormones often become imbalanced. This imbalance can cause decreased energy and libido, unexplained weight gain, and even new or worsening problems with depression and anxiety. These unfortunate effects can severely impact both men and women’s ability to function. Luckily, medical advancement in recent decades has a solution. With Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charleston, SC, anti-aging clinics can help their patients to affect positive change, restoring vitality and encouraging healthy weight loss.

It’s important to find a trustworthy clinic. Chemical hormone replacement can be dangerous, particularly when it is administered by unqualified technicians. Holistic programs, such as Ageless RX, that use both dietary change and plant-based medicines to restore balance are a much healthier alternative. High-quality botanical ingredients can be used to replicate human hormones exactly as they occur in nature, restoring patients’ hormone balance without causing unintended harm to other areas of their health. Additionally, the production of natural hormones can be stimulated through dietary changes and the use of natural supplements. The process is more complicated than simply eliminating processed food and taking some vitamins, but with nutritional counseling and medically supervised wellness programs, it is accessible to anyone.

The first step toward balancing hormones is comprehensive testing to check an individual’s thyroid functioning and IGF-1hormone. Low levels of IGF-1 are indicative of pituitary gland problems. These can often be remedied through Sermorelin therapy, which stimulates sluggish pituitary glands, encouraging the natural increase of growth hormones. The pituitary glands are responsible for regulating hormones that control lean muscle mass and bone density, collagen production, immune system response, and a variety of other bodily systems. As they slow down, the result is the lost energy and overall physical deterioration that are commonly associated with aging. Improving the pituitary gland’s ability to function can also improve cardiac, pancreatic, and liver function in addition to increasing overall vitality.

Of course there is currently no way to reverse the aging process completely, but patients can look and feel younger in no time with Hormone Replacement Therapy in Charleston, SC. Feel free to browse the website for more information, or book an appointment online today to consult with a specialist.

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