How To Eat Well After Liposuction

So you got liposuction in Anne Arundel County, MD and now you have a new body. But just because you look thinner doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do much to maintain the results. One thing you need to do is eat the right foods and here are some tips on building a good diet following your liposuction in Anne Arundel County, MD.

Stay Away From Foods High in Saturated Fat

It was the consumption of fat filled foods that caused the obesity, so you shouldn’t defeat the purpose of liposuction by eating foods that contain a lot of saturated fat. Replace saturated fat with the good fats such as monosaturated fats. Good sources of monosaturated fats include avocados, nuts and olive oil.

Don’t Eat High Sodium Foods For First Few Weeks After Liposuction

One of the main reasons why you should not eat high sodium foods during the first few weeks after the liposuction is because inflammation takes place and it keeps you from a quick recovery. Eat more vegetables and unsalted nuts as these are low in sodium.

Cut Down Drastically on Sugar

Sugary foods are usually high calorie foods so if you want the pounds to stay off after your liposuction you need to get rid of these foods. Replace them with plenty of fruits because fruits have natural sweetness and they contain vitamins and minerals.

Watch Out for Portion Controls

Another thing you should do is monitor the portions you eat as this is a main culprit of weight loss. Instead of eating three big meals a day you should eat small meals throughout the day to boost your metabolism and give yourself more energy. It also helps to eat your meals on smaller plates to prevent the temptation to eat more than you should.

Supplement Healthy Eating With Exercise

After you receive liposuction, it is not only important to eat better foods but also to increase the of amount of time you exercise each day. When working out, you should do high intensity exercises that burn the most calories and never eat more calories than you’re able to burn off.

Some people see liposuction as a shortcut towards weight loss but this is not true because there are some people who gain weight despite the liposuction. It is also important to eat the right foods and get in thirty minutes of workouts each day. By doing this the results of your liposuction will last longer.

To find out how liposuction in Anne Arundel County MD will work for you, contact Aesthetic Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Center of MD.

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