How to evaluate a new dialysis clinic

Choosing a dialysis clinic can be an important decision. For those that are moving locations or simply changing experts for the first time, this process can be overwhelming. There often are many factors to consider, each possibly more important than the next. You have to think about such issues as location, the quality of care, the scheduling and distance from home. Here are a few tips on how to arrive at the best facility for your dialysis needs:

Schedule an Appointment

It is almost impossible to judge the quality of a clinic without actually making a visit there. Call them and schedule an appointment for you and/or a friend or family member, where you can get familiar with how to get there, whether it is a convenient distance away, the nature of the clinic, staff and experts there and how comfortable they make you feel.


Do not only concentrate on the facility itself and forget about logistics. Think about whether the facility is convenient to get to, and how far you are comfortable travelling every other week for treatment. If you are thinking about moving, perhaps the facility can be focal point when searching for an apartment or house. Think about the modes of transportation available when traveling for the treatment. Do not forget to ask about the dialysis schedules, and whether they fit your needs. Is the clinic open to new patients during their dialysis shifts?

The Staff

Even in clinics with the best facilities, one cannot get quality service without good staff. When evaluating the facility, think about whether they have enough experienced and trained professionals. Some states do not require dialysis technicians to be officially trained, but with respected institutions like dialysis 4 career offering certifications through an online dialysis class, there really is no excuse. The staff will affect the nature of the treatment and when it happens, the stay at the facility. Are they easy to deal with in person or on the phone? Are they knowledgeable and able to answer your questions?

These might seem like too many questions to consider, but when answered positively, one will end up with the best possible clinic they can find. Like us at Facebook

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