How to Help Out Your Veterinarian Wailea

by | Oct 9, 2013 | Animal Hospitals

Never assume that your veterinarian is omniscient. They are often overworked. You’re your Veterinarian Wailea to help your pets by following these tips.

Bring a List of Medications That Your Pet is On

Your pet’s medications can change rapidly -; even more rapidly than can be recorded in your pet’s medical file. Be sure to carry a current list of medications that your pet or pets are on to help your vet make diagnosis and new prescriptions.

Make a List of Your Pet’s Symptoms

If possible, before your appointment, write down your pet’s symptoms and when you first noticed them. Be as specific as possible. This will also help your vet with diagnosis and treatment options.

Ask If You Need to Bring a Stool Sample

Vet office staff may be so overworked that they forget to remind you when you need to bring a stool sample from your pet. Ask before going to appointments, unless it is a medical emergency. Also ask when bringing your pet in for annual check-ups. When in doubt, bring in a sample. You only need to bring about a teaspoon full for dog or cat and a few pellets for smaller pets like rabbits of guinea pigs.

Make a List of Questions

Vet visits can be stressful for both you and your pet. During that time, you may forget to ask crucial questions. Do not trust your memory in this situation. If possible, write down all of your questions for the vet. If you do not understand your vet’s answer, ask him or her to explain it again.

Keep Pets Under Control in the Office

Animals tend to panic at the vet’s. The smells may set off their instinctive fears. Even the best-tempered dog may suddenly turn into Cujo when at the Veterinarian Wailea. Keep all dogs on leashes when at the vet’s. Keep all other animals in secure pet carriers.

Tell the Vet If Your Pet Bites, Scratches or Pees

Pets can react violently to strangers. Some pets will become scared and release their bladders. Let the office staff and vets know in advance if your pet is prone to these behaviors. It helps them to be prepared.


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