How To Use Androstadienone Products

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Health

As a man you may not be aware that your body, actually your sweat, contains some very powerful pheromones, including androstadienone, which are essential in attracting women. These pheromones are chemicals that are naturally produced in the body and that really have very limited effect on the individual, but they have a powerful effect on the opposite gender once they are released through the skin and evaporate with the body moisture into the air.

The problem for most men is that the natural production of androstadienone is effective in the body, but hygiene routines such as showering, the use of colognes and even the use of deodorants may decrease the androstadienone and related pheromones that are actually present on the skin. These odorless chemicals are literally washed down the drain each morning, along with your most powerful tool in attracting the very people you want to meet.

Boosting Androstadienone Levels

The simple solution to this problem is to use pheromone products that are synthetically produced to boost the levels on the skin’s surface. Sprays, colognes, oils and even hand and body lotions will replace the androstadienone washed off as you shower. The result is that you can get rid of any unpleasant body odor as normal, and then replace those pheromones that are so attractive to women.

These products containing androstadienone are applied just as you would use any type of body product. Oils are applied to the skin over the pulse points including on the wrists and behind the ears. Hand and body lotions are also applied to the skin but in a more generalized area, just as you would use your current hand and body products.

Combining Options

While some pheromone products are really stand-alone products, you have the option to mix and match different types of pheromones to create just the right level of appeal. You can use a hair conditioner containing pheromones combined with a spray, lotion or a few drops of oil.

With all the options for androstadienone boosting products you will develop your own personal combinations and options. These products are powerful and a little will go a long way in giving you that edge in finding just the person you have always wanted to get to know.

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