Importance of alternative medicines

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Medicine

In recent times, people are suffering from different kinds of health problems. People have to take different types of drugs to cure themselves. Inspite of the numerous side effects that most drugs have, they help in bringing about an immediate cure in pain and ailment. Allopathic drugs are made by using different chemicals which ultimately leads to the cause of other ailments or diseases that create potentially fatal toxins in the body. Alternative medicines are regaining popularity in recent times because they do no have any side effects.

Remedies using natural ingredients

One of the ancient forms of alternative medicines is the Ayurveda which originated in India and is still very popular in the country. In Ayurveda, different types of natural herbs and extracts are used to treat diseases. Many companies which manufacture body care products use natural extracts in their products to rid them from causal side effects. The most common natural ingredients used for skin care are neem, tulsi, turmeric, sandal, Aloe Vera, cucumber, etc. Homeopathy is another form of alternative medicine which was originated in Germany and uses alcohol and several other elements like zinc, sulphur, phosphate etc. for treating diseases. Aromatherapy is another type of alternative medicine which uses essential oils from different plants to cure diseases.

Alternative medicines using different movements and massage in the body parts

Reiki, originated in Japan, uses the massage therapy on different body parts which stimulate different nerves. This therapy is used in different parlours to rid patients of anxiety and depression. Yoga is another form of alternative medicine which is gaining popularity among celebrities and common people alike. Yoga involves movement of the body in different postures to fight against numerous diseases. Meditation is also a part of yoga therapy.

alternative medicines

alternative medicines

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