Improve Patient Care With Information Systems for Health Care Management

by | Jan 9, 2014 | Medicine

By automating patient records, health care providers have several advantages over those who use primarily paper records. One of the main benefits to patients is the ability of doctors and other health care providers to analyze records to determine which patients may be more at risk of certain diseases based on the information in their medical file. With all of the records in a database, providers can compile a comprehensive file for each of their patients in an easy-to-search database.

Information systems for health care management help health care providers identify patient needs and coordinate their care with specialists and other medical facilities. Providers who have fully automated offices reduce the likelihood of errors based on illegible handwriting. Doctors and nurses can enter patient information into their computer system as the patient provides that information. The patient account of their symptoms and the diagnosis and treatment information can be input while the conversation is still fresh in the provider’s mind, making it more accurate.

Health care providers can keep track of the medications their patients are taking when they use information systems for health care management. At their annual wellness visit, physicians can collect and record relevant data, such as blood pressure, blood sugar level, height and weight. Automated software can help medical provides easily track trends and flag significant changes, enhancing their ability to care for their patients.

When Medicare patients take advantage of the annual wellness visit, they can have additional time with their medical provider to further enhance their quality of care. The more information a primary care doctor has about their patient’s health and lifestyle, the better able they are to care for their long-term health. An automated health care management system can help providers identify their Medicare patients that can benefit the most from the annual wellness visits and provide reminders to them so they will schedule an appointment.

An added benefit to health care management software is more accurate billing. When visits are recorded immediately, providers can ensure that they bill for all of the services that were preformed while they record the information they need to provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

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