Is Assisted Living A Nursing Home?

It could be heartbreaking when recognizing and accepting the fact that either you or a loved one is no longer able to live safely without the attention of a health care professional or easily accessible assistance. But moving into a facility does not necessarily mean the loss of autonomy. When choosing the right facility for you or your loved one, it’s important to understand that a nursing home is not the same as assisted living in Florida.

Assisted Living

Seniors considering assisted living in Florida should know that these facilities are best for those who want to live in a residence that is as close to a home-like environment as possible while also receiving custodial care. Living quarters are often rooms or apartments that the resident can fill with their furniture and belongings. The staff will respect privacy whenever possible and allow the resident to maintain a relative independence and autonomy. That said, laundry service, light housekeeping and shared meals are also provided in these facilities.

Most residents in Florida assisted living receive assistance with many daily living activities like bathing, eating, toileting, and dressing. The staff at these facilities are also available to help with other tasks throughout the day.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes, on the other hand, provide round-the-clock medical care. Seniors who stay in nursing homes typically need a greater amount of help with day-to-day activities and have severe medical problems like severe cognitive impairment or other illnesses that need the high level of medical care provided by nursing facilities.

Some of the daily services provided by nursing homes include help with medication, access to physical occupational therapists, nutritionally-balanced meals, and other amenities that make nursing homes a hub of services that will provide residents with a higher quality of life than if they were living on their own.

As for which kind of facility is best, it depends on individual need. Speaking with a senior health care agent may also help you determine whether a nursing home or an assisted living facility is more suitable for you or your loved ones.

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