Laser-Targeted Fat Reduction in Wailea Provides a Nonsurgical Solution

Many individuals struggle with stubborn fat deposits that they just can’t seem to eliminate. They may be very close to their ideal weight and exercising regularly, but still feel dismayed at the fat around the abdomen, hips or thighs. A relatively new technology for fat reduction in Wailea can help. This is a nonsurgical procedure called Cynosure Sculpsure available from medical doctors.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also approved Sculpsure for decreasing fat under the chin, an area where this tissue tends to accumulate even when people are not particularly overweight. It can be very difficult to shed.

The Process

This procedure uses laser light to target and destroy the excess fat, a process medically known as lipolysis. Heat from the intense light damages the fat cells by disrupting their structure. The wavelength of this particular light has been found to be very effective at eliminating fat while not damaging tissue around those cells.

The session only takes about half an hour. Fat Reduction in Wailea is gradual over the next few months as the body naturally removes the cells that have been injured. A second session may be necessary after this if the client wants to see further improvement.

Side Effects

Some patients experience minor side effects, such as bloating and a sense of cramping in the treated areas. Discomfort should dissipate after a few days. The bloating, which is due to swelling from the injured fat tissue, should disappear within a couple of weeks.

Advantages Over Other Treatments

There is less discomfort with this technique than with somewhat similar methods. There is no need to pull and suction areas of skin and the underlying fat tissue into a device. The practitioner places the tool on top of the area to be treated. The laser energy then penetrates through the skin and into the fat cells, heating them to a temperature up to about 116 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooling component prevents the skin from being affected.

Anyone interested in this type of fat reduction procedure does not need to see a plastic surgeon. Many other physicians offer the treatment, such as the family doctor at The Skin Center. Click here for information.

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