Making Radiation Treatment Easier with Topical Creams

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Health And Fitness

If you need help with any type of skin issue or other side effects that you may be having, have someone close to you get lotion for your skin. It is a painless way of treating your skin problem, and it does not contain any harmful ingredients that could potentially harm you. Have them check with your physician or counselor as well; to see if there is anything else you can do to help alleviate your problems. For many years, there weren’t any products to heal skin irritation for people who were receiving cancer treatments. There were lotions on the market, but they just weren’t designed with cancer patients in mind, and many of them contained harsh chemicals that really caused these people even more grief than they were already experiencing. It has only been during the last ten years or so that companies realized that these people needed products that were catered just for them to treat the effects of cancer treatments. The products were first available only with a prescription, but these products can now be purchased right over the counter without a doctor’s order.

Treating Minor Side Effects Caused by Radiation Therapy

If you are experiencing minor or major skin conditions as a result of your radiation treatment, there are certain things you can do to make the effects less severe. Most of these things seem minor, but any small difference you can make that will positively reduce your symptoms is worth a try. To reduce or extinguish the effects of your skin condition, try wearing clothing that is loose so that it doesn’t brush up against your skin and make the problem worse. You should also not rub or scratch your skin hard either, even if you are washing in the tub or shower. To cleanse your skin, use a mild cleanser or soap and gently pat your skin with warm water. Rubbing it could irritate it and make the problem worse.

Purchasing Specialized Products to Treat Damaged Skin

There are companies that specialize in creams and other products to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation as a part of their cancer treatment. In addition to lotions and creams, you can also get moisturizers, cleansing foams, emulsifiers and a whole range of other products that will calm the skin to take away the redness and itchiness. These products are affordable to people on all types of budgets, and they have really been proven to work. These products have all been tested extensively, and studies have shown that they can greatly reduce symptoms for cancer patients. If you or someone you love is stricken with cancer, and if they are receiving treatments, then these are products that you should definitely stock up on.

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