Medically Supervised Weight Loss In Palm Beach Gardens

by | May 28, 2014 | Healthcare

Medical clinics are popping up all over. People like clinics because they are convenient and they have short waits. There is an alarming shortage of primary care physicians in this country. As a result, consumers have to wait a couple of days for an appointment at their pcp’s office. Further, these clinics are a better choice than the emergency room. It does not make sense to visit the ER for a sore throat but some people don’t have a choice.

Family Medical & Urgent Care facilities offer a wide range of services. Many employers send injured workers to these clinics for treatment because it is convenient for the worker. Clinics are located in every neighbourhood and they have evening and weekend hours. In addition, they offer a variety of tests including ones for drugs, pregnancy, HIV and STD’s. Patients are also able to manage chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. People can visit these facilities for the same injuries treated in the emergency room:

     *      cuts

     *     burns

     *     sprained ankles

     *     ear infections

     *     eye infections

Clinics are much cheaper than the emergency room, and the wait is not as long. Work on Weight Loss in Palm Beach Gardens at the Family Medical and Urgent Care facility. Many clinics offer weight loss services because they are needed and it is another stream of revenue. It is also preferable for dieters to follow a medically-supervised program. Patients receive nutritional counseling and coaching. Additionally, patients can be monitored for any health problems. Many dieters say weight loss is easier at a medical facility because they learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices.

This type of program may be the answer for people who need Weight Loss in Palm Beach Gardens. Clinics may offer different programs including a low calorie diet or liquid diets. Many patients may be trying to lose weight for upcoming bariatric surgery. Patients meet with a physician at their first visit. They’ll check your weight and find out your goals. The physician comes up with a weight loss regimen based on the provided information. In addition, diet programs at clinics are relatively inexpensive and insurance may pick up a portion of the cost. People who are interested should check their local urgent care to see if weight loss services are available.



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