Minimally Invasive Sports Medicine in Crested Butte, CO

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Health, Surgery

Living an active lifestyle leads to higher levels of maintenance for the body. Energy of the soul is infinite, but bodies are finite and may need some help along the along to keep a person in motion. Being able to do what we love is the greatest part of being alive. For some people when this is taken away from them, whether it’s dancing or basketball, it can have an adverse effect on their mental health in addition to their physical condition. There are a variety of method for orthopedic surgery. If possible, scope surgery can be the best method to choose with the fastest recovery rate. People can get back to doing what they love in a smaller amount of time than traditional surgery methods in Sports Medicine in Crested Butte, CO.

Scope surgeries are preferred for a few reasons. Being minimally invasive means that scarring will not be a big concern for the patient. Using a scope means being able to pinpoint the entry without having to make deep incisions over the affected area. This can also reduce the chance of infection during recovery with less pain to combat with prescriptions. With less pain there is also less of a chance of getting hooked on prescription drugs to relieve the pain of recovery. Scope surgeries can be performed on every major joint of the body. However, this does not mean that every doctor is able to perform the surgery for each joint.

Sports Medicine in Crested Butte, CO is a big industry so it’s key to find a doctor who will be able to best suit your needs as a patient. Dr. Chamberland is one of the few doctors in this fine country that is experienced in performing scope surgeries on every primary joint in the human body. She promotes scope surgery for its attributes of less pain and faster recovery time so the patient is free to get back to living. Keeping active is what lifts our spirits and can add years to the lifespan. If you used it, and lost it, there is a way to get it back.

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