Neupogen and Its Uses in Veterinary Medicine

by | May 31, 2012 | Healthcare

Neupogen is a medication that has been developed for the treatment of neutropenia, a reduced number of white blood cells. White blood cells are essential to the immune system, but they can be diminished if production within the bone marrow is hindered by disease or cancer.

What Causes Neutropenia?
These deficiencies can be caused most primarily by Leukemia in dogs and cats. Neupogen has been proven to be effective in cases where an animal has suffered from neutropenia where the cause has been parvovirosis, an aplastic syndrome, or hyperestrogenism. In cats, it is used to treat infectious panleukopenia.

Hope When You Need It
Conditions which render the marrow unable to produce the sufficient amount of neutrophils can lead to a severe degradation in health. Before the arrival of Neupogen as a possible solution, animals with these conditions were euthanized, as there were few options and the diseases listed can be painful for the animal to live with. Fortunately, Neupogen has been tested and used to help manage these conditions. With the proper prescription of a veterinarian, Neupogen has been proven to help dogs and cats to make recoveries, even in cases where a treatment is the cause of the neutropenia itself.

Side Effects to Consider
As with all medications, Neupogen carries side effects which must be closely monitored in the animal that it is being used to treat. These side effects will differ from breed to breed, but they may include diarrhea, coughing blood, an irregular heartbeat, or pain at the site of administering. Some reactions to Neupogen may be allergic in nature, and should be immediately reported to a veterinarian. You should not stop giving your animal Neupogen unless the veterinarian has recommended it, as there may be side effects during the withdrawal that could further jeopardize the health of the animal.

The Right Treatments
Neupogen has been largely successful in its treatment for human patients, but the information for animal patients is still being researched. While it has been shown to display many benefits in the treatment of neutropenia in cats and dogs, it may not be suitable for certain breeds of animal. It is important to speak with a veterinarian about whether or not Neupogen will be right for the animal in your care, as well as what the recommended diet or lifestyle changes may be in association with the treatment of the condition of the animal.

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