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Do you remember the days of elementary school, where health checkups with the nurse included poking a comb through your scalp, and kids could be out of class for days or sent home early because of lice scares? If you have a child in school, you’re probably well aware of the threat of lice, but unfortunately, this threat is far from kids-only, and can affect adults as well. Insect epidemics, such as bedbugs, spread like wildfire in the city, a proclivity that is further aggravated by the proximity of people and places to one another. So what are you to do when the threat of lice becomes a reality? Luckily, you can be rid of lice the chemical and pesticide free way by finding a great Natural Lice Treatment NYC.

LouseBuster – What it Is, and the Pluses

LouseBuster is a Natural Lice Treatment NYC developed by Larada Sciences. It is administered through a medical device which consists of a single use applicator tip. The tip is applied to dry, detangled hair and lifts the hair beneath the outer layers to get to the scalp and roots underneath where lice reside and lay eggs. The LouseBuster device directs hot air to several parts of the scalp following instructions and a timeline specific to treatment plans.

The advantages of LouseBuster are numerous. Here are some of the major ones:

*     Safe: Without pesticides or chemicals and only simple heat and air as its main attack, there is no risk of side effects or skin irritation which usually come with prescription drugs or over the counter meds. The only risks of this natural lice treatment are scalp burning, which can be remedied with safety features and safe administering.

*     Highly Effective: The treatment is ideal to attack the small size and shape of lice eggs, which cannot effectively retain water dry out and die when exposed to the treatment’s hot temperature and dry air. It has been shown to kill 95% of head lice and 99% of eggs in one treatment.

*     Quick: All it takes is one treatment of 30 minutes to effectively and safely kill nearly all the lice on one’s head. The treatment can be done on site at a center as well.

*     Safely Administered: Only certified operators who have undergone specialized training and passed a competency exam can administer this Natural Lice Treatment NYC.

Lice Tamers is the foremost provider of a safe and effective Natural Lice Treatment NYC. To learn more, please visit the website at

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