Options For Assisted Living In Ossining

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Assisted Living

As we age, little things that we take fore-granted such as the ability to cook and clean for ourselves become increasingly more difficult. When health starts failing, a person may consider moving somewhere that they can get assistance with these daily chores. Many move in with relatives, while others choose to live in an Assisted Living Ossining facility. There is some hesitation when it comes to assisted living facilities. Many people equate assisted living facilities with nursing homes. This is not a fair assessment, as an assisted living facility, while it may have some of the same characteristics as a nursing home is not a nursing home.

An assisted living facility is a place where people who can no longer cook, clean and do other daily tasks may choose to live to get help with these things. The facility cooks, makes sure residents take their medications, coordinate activities for residents to participate in, etc. Residents are able to come and go as they please. Some are still able to drive while others may have to rely on the facility or friends and family members to take them places. They also provide assistance with personal matters such as restroom visits, bathing, and getting dressed.

When deciding on which facility to reside in, a few things need to be considered. Of course the best way to learn about Assisted Living In Ossining is to visit the facility in person. Meet a few residents, talk with the staff. Do the residents seem happy? Is the staff helpful and do they take the time to visit with you and show you the facilities? What kind of activities do they offer for residents? Many Assisted Living Ossining facilities offer community rooms for residents to visit with family and friends. Some even provide internet access foe residents. Do they offer a salon for hair cuts and services?

The most important aspect of choosing an assisted living facility is that the resident likes the facility and feels comfortable living there and enjoys the daily activities. There is nothing worse than uprooting your life to go live somewhere that is not where you want to be.

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