Our Brief Massage Aftercare Guide

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Health

While massages are meant to be a relaxing experience, they can also be quite taxing on the body. It isn’t uncommon for someone to initially feel on top of the world right after their massage, only to find themselves saddled with bodily aches a couple of days later. This is especially likely if you’ve received deep tissue massage therapy in Danbury, which notably involves quite a bit of pressure on muscles and other parts of the body that may never have been stimulated so intensely before. Here’s what you can do in the days following your massage to take care of yourself and recover smoothly.

Try to Avoid Being Too Sedentary

Not moving for extended periods of time, outside of sleep, tends to undo all the work of your deep tissue massage therapy. The point of any massage is to relax the muscles, but being sedentary tends to built that tension right back up. Try to get up and move in the days following your massage in order to keep your body at maximum health.

Keep Any Kinetic Tape On

Some sessions for deep tissue massage therapy in Danbury will involve the use of kinetic tape. Professionals advise keeping this applied until it becomes irritable to the skin; this is about a maximum of three days. Be sure to let the tape air dry after bathing.

Get Lots of Fluids

A big component of deep tissue massage aftercare is to maintain your water intake or even increase it, depending on how much you normally drink throughout the day. A deep tissue massage is meant to stimulate every bodily system, including your endocrine system, meaning the urine you produce may be affected by the procedure. Staying on top of your water intake helps your system adjust as it shifts back to a healthier alignment.

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