Pain Relief From Spine Surgery In India

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Medical Equipment

There are many positive reasons to explore having a spine surgery in India. Health care in any industrialized nation is an expensive undertaking. People the world over are concerned about the rising costs and availability of high quality healthcare. With deductibles and out-of-pocket costs climbing ever higher, many people are looking for other high quality options for their surgeries. India has become a preferred healthcare destination because it delivers quality care at a fraction of the price.

Most people return from India and report that they had excellent health care and comfortable, caring environments. Because of the high number of procedures that many of the top hospitals perform in India, patients generally receive very reasonable pricing terms. A spine surgery in India can be as much as one sixth of the price of having it done elsewhere. When the costs are all added together, even with the travel figured into the mix, the surgery is still thousands less when performed in India.

The medical doctors and surgeons in India are second to none. Most have been trained in overseas medical schools and have all the latest knowledge and equipment. Others are doctors from other international countries who have come to India to practice medicine. Most have performed the medical procedures countless times. They are very experienced. For this reason, when you are undergoing your spinal surgery in India, you will be under the care of an experienced and competent professional. There are over 17 different spinal procedures that are performed, from minimally invasive disc replacements, tumor replacements, to spinal fusion surgeries. All have been performed countless times, so the chances of success are greatly enhanced.

Having a spine surgery in India will require you to sign-up with a traveling surgical company on the Internet. This company will take down your details, get all the information about your back from your current doctors and orthopedic surgeons, x-rays etc, and send this information out to the hospitals in India. The surgeons there will revise your case and decide on the best possible medical procedure. The company will then handle your flight details, make sure you know where to go once you have arrived, and will then arrange a consultation with the doctors. After the examination, your procedure will proceed. There are very few waiting periods when doing a spine surgery in India. Most people are operated on in a very timely fashion.

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